The word “Mustang” is derived from the Tibetan word “Montang” which means fertile plain. When you visit in Mustang region, you can see how fertile it is. You can see the green sceneries nearby the every settlement; although, the whole Mustang region is in the rain-shadow area. It is situated in the western part of Nepal behind the greater Himalayas. Because of no rain, you can see just desert-like places mostly. Mustang Trek offers you to see the beautiful landscape, breathtaking views of mountains including Mt. Dhaulagiri, so called “White Mountain” which is the seventh highest mountain in the world, and to explore the unique culture, tradition, ancient monasteries, unique lifestyle of Thakali and Lobas. The origin of Thakali is Thak Khola in Kali Gandaki valley and the Lobas are Tibetan origin.
Mustang is classified in two distinct regions – Lower Mustang and Upper Mustang. Kagbeni is the boarder of regions. There are five Rural Municipalities and twenty villages in Mustang – 12 villages in Lower Mustang and 8 villages in Upper Mustang. Jomsom is the administrative headquarter of Mustang which is situated in the Lower Mustang region. Kagbeni and Jomsom are the tourist capital for whole Mustang region where every tourist should pass through. Marpha is the Apple capital of Nepal, another famous village in Lower Mustang.
Upper Mustang is famous for thousands of caves, ancient monasteries, ancient forts and castles, unique people and their culture and traditions. Upper Mustang is also a special permit required region of Nepal for tourists. It was closed till 1992 AD. Since then, Upper Mustang has been a perfect place for the tourists who are very keen to see the ancient culture and tradition, very old monasteries, forts and castles and thousands of natural caves. There use to held a big festival called “Tiji Festival” in Lo Manthang in Upper Mustang in May/June. The word “Tiji” originated from the Tibetan word “Ten Chi”. These two words are the short forms of Tenpa and Chiring; Tenpa Chiring means prayer for peace in the world.
In summary, trek to Mustang Region offers you the genuine culture, tradition, lifestyle and unique welcoming people, very old monasteries, forts, castles, caves all carrying the history, viewing the Himalayan Shangri La, Himalayan Oasis and Hidden Paradise. Green sceneries in the lower part and the apple farms attract you to the region. You have chances to taste the Apple Brandy in Marpha. You are very welcome to Mustang.

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