Nepal is the country of the birthplace of Buddha, home of the high mountains, a land of natural and cultural diversities, a country of very ancient culture and traditions, a country of peace, tranquility, and sovereignty where people from different castes and tribes are living together without any competition, jealousy and anger to each other and by giving hand-in-hand. Nepal is a country of different people caste-wise, religiously, culturally, traditionally, and linguistically; like a garland of the multi-color vivid flower. Nepal is a place where people are living happily with limited facilities. Most of the areas of Nepal are still far away from modern technology and modern civilization. Imagine a place where you can visit a very peaceful and quiet place (truly speaking like a piece of heaven), traveling to a place where you can interact by following ancient customs and traditions. If you are dreaming of this, Nepal fulfills your dream. We are always ready here to welcome you to our country. We make your dreams come true!

Trekking is a process of walking on foot from place to place, for a long distance around the countryside or on a hill or mountain; for at least a few days. It is usually done for pleasure. However, someone does the trek to explore the geology, climate, culture, tradition, flora, and fauna. The activities done on the trek are just simple, wake up – eat – walk – eat – sleep. The activities will be done repeatedly from one place to another place. Imagine, if you do these simple activities in a place covered full of natural beauty, and cultural and natural diversities. Among the places of your imagination, Nepal comes on the front page. The colorful culture and tradition, the beauty of nature, and the ancient tradition of Nepal; are second to none in the world.
Nepal offers perfect traveling opportunities to visitors with its unique diversity for trekking as it offers an unbeatable combination of natural beauty and cultural aspects from easy walking excursions to the highly demanding climb of the snowy peaks. The most rewarding way to experience Nepal's natural embellishment and cultural variety are to walk through the length, breadth, and altitudes of the country.


Camping Trek: Camping Trek is a fully organized trekking, including accommodation in own tent, meals in the own dining tent and table, cooking in the own kitchen tent, own toilet tent, and own bathroom. All logistics are carried by the porters or horses and mules/donkeys. It is also a classic type of trekking and used to be mandatory while infrastructures and logistics were not available en route in the past. Even nowadays people organize this type of trek for those who are interested in doing Camping Trek. In some parts of Nepal, there is still a compulsorily need to organize Camping Trek namely; Dhaulagiri, Upper Dolpo, Kanchanjunga, Mundum Trail, Rubi Valley, etc. On this type of trek, there will be many trekking crews.
Tea-House Trek: In this type of trekking, you are served food and accommodation in the Lodges. You need to carry your minimal gears for the trek. There will be a porter between two people, a guide in the team and some assistant guides if you are in the group. The buildings are usually built with stones and woods and rooms will be clean, however, you can bring your bed liner if you want better cleanliness. Foods will be great and organic vegetables.

In terms of difficulties, Trekking is categorized into three to four types:
Easy: They are modified for beginners, children, and old-age; and for those who have a short holiday.
Moderate: Trails are ups and downs but not too steep. We don’t go extremely high on this trek; just go around 2000 meters to 3000 meters.
Strenuous: Hard and difficult trek, usually we go high altitude and sometimes, we need to be fully equipped, each gear.

Trekking Details

Every trekking destination has its own distinct quality. Each destination is better than the next. However, to trek in Nepal, there are certain rule and laws that bind the trekkers. To do every trek, the trekkers should have permits for entering to the area. In certain areas, the trekker should have special permit too while in the other detonations, you should have National Park Permit and TIMS (Trekking Information Management System). Below are the list and cost for permit fees:

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Essential Information

Before setting off to Nepal, you need to be prepared for the following thing: Inoculation- It is not officially mandatory to have vaccines to enter to Nepal, however; it is a good idea to consider some vaccines before coming to Nepal. Traveler Insurance- Before set us, confirm that you have enough insurance that can cover helicopter rescues in case of needed because trekking is a process of walking in the remote areas. Flight tickets to Nepal- Make sure you have well-spaced itinerary of the flights. It is better if you have a few extra days in Kathmandu at the end. Book a Hotel in Kathmandu- Usually; it is done by your trekking [...]

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Important Trip Notes

High altitude sickness is the key thing on your travel in the mountain. It can take your life if you ignore this or if you don't have at least the basic knowledge of high altitude sickness. EVERYONE MUST KNOW SOME SIMPLE THINGS ABOUT ALTITUDE SICKNESS BEFORE HEADING TO THE REMOTE AREAS AND HIGH MOUNTAINS. 

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